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RODY Precision Corner Poll - Function

Do you understand how the RPC tools function?
Yes, I have a good understanding of how it works.
Yes, but I need more clarity on some of the features and benefits.
No, I have no clue how this works.
I don't have an answer either way.


Here is a poll in regards to the function of our products.  Anyone can participate.


RPC Team

I think it would be helpful if you could create some YouTube videos showcasing your tool(s) and how to use them. It would clarify things and would help get your name out there.

style diva,

Thank you for the comment.  We currently do have a Youtube channel where we've placed some videos showing the various uses of the RPC tools.  We hope to include more videos in the future to showcase and provide more clarity to our tools.

Here is the Youtube channel link:

You may subscribe to the channel, view, and comment on the various videos in there, if you wish.


RPC Team