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Shop class projects

Anyone take shop class in school when you were younger? What did you make? My brother made a stool that my parents still have. I made a tool storage kit for my dad. My daughter is making a lamp!

I'm so jealous! My older brother took shop class, and they did lots of cool stuff, but by the time I got to high school, the class was canceled. It's a shame because it would've been helpful.

We had a shop class of sorts. It was one semester of home economics and one semester of shop. I made a hope chest during the woodworking portion. I still have it too.

We had the same, shop and home economics. I made a surfboard pillow in home economics. I made a chair in shop. In metal shop I made a tool chest. We had to weld and everything!

Oh how fun. I am pretty sure that they still have a "shop" class at our school. We made a couple of projects. The big one was an outdoor bench. My parents still have it at their house.