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Tips for brightening a dark room

I have a small office at home that has a tiny window, which doesn't let much natural light in. How can I brighten up the space? I've already added lamps, but it still looks a little depressing inside right now.

Adding plants and mirrors can really brighten up a room and make it seem bigger. The trick is to select low-light houseplants that will thrive in your office like a heart-leaf philodendron or a snake plant.

One option is that you can add those Christmas lights you see in the dollar store. They aren't just great for the holidays, but they create a fun and light mood in the room. They can help a little depending on how small the room is. I'm not sure if you would consider using them.

I'm seconding the Christmas lights idea. There are other light strings that have different styles and shapes that could potentially fit better with what you have in the room already. It would also add a bit of fun personality to the room. In college, I had a light string that looked like little dinosaurs! It was a great way to decorate a drab room.

To bring brightness into a room I would invest in a light that has a higher brightness than a regular light. My office is in the back part of the house and during the winter it is so blah, afternoon I can not even see my keyboard.

I bought a light for the seasonal disorder SAD, it was the best investment I made,

the whole room has a glow.