How it Works



  • Hold the head against the left or right edge of the window or door, higher or lower, horizontally or vertically.
  • Mark the area of installation outside or inside the edge of the window or door.  At the same time, look at the levels for alignment.
  • For large windows and doors, use the 4×24 inch tool to mount 3 brackets.
    Step 1a: Hold the head against the left edge corner mark where you want to mount the bracket, and at the end of the 24 inch mark, trace a line (1b).
    Step 2: Do the same thing with the right edge corner (2a, 2b).
    Step 3: Hold the tool in the middle, while looking at the two trace lines, count the number of inches between the marked lines. Use squares above the inch markings for accuracy.
    Step 4: Divide the total number of inches by 2, then mark the center.
    Step 5: Mount your 3 brackets as you are seeing in the pictures (5a,5b,5c).
    Step 5d: Finish

To hang a picture on a wall:

Step 1: Find your wall’s center.
1b) Hold the head against the wall. Trace a 90 degree line, and a straight line in the middle (1c), while making sure to look at the levels for accurate alignment (1d).
Step 2: On the back of the picture, measure from the top of the frame to the hook, or if it’s a wire, then pull the wire from the middle and measure it to the top.
Step 3: Transfer that measurement to the wall where you traced the straight line down.
Step 4: Mount the right hardware on the wall, then hang your picture. If the picture is too heavy to hold, then have an assistant hold the picture for you.
Step 5a: After mounting the picture, hold the head against the left or right edge of the picture to ensure alignment.
Step 5b: Finish


Checking picture for alignment

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