RODY Precision Corner Money Back Guarantee

( 12 days return from the day received )

Section #1 – The Buyer is covered by the RODY Precision Corner Money Back Guarantee if the Buyer receives an item that is not as was described on the website.  If the Buyer’s item is damaged upon arrival, or does not equate with the listing on the website, or is the wrong item ordered, the Buyer can then submit a claim for a refund.  The Seller will refund to the Buyer the total purchase price of the item on a confirmed Money Back Guarantee claim.  The Seller will also pay for the return shipping on that confirmed claim.  The Guide and Pencil that comes with the tool is also covered under the Guarantee.  Once the Seller receives back the item, the refund will then be issued to the Buyer within seven days.

Section #2 – If however, the Buyer simply changes their mind and wants to return the item for any or no reason, the Buyer can email the Seller if they’d be willing to accept a return.  If the Seller accepts the return under this scenario, the Seller will refund to the Buyer the total purchase price of the item, however, the return shipping cost of the item will be the Buyer’s sole responsibility.
   – Note: This section #2 does not apply to Wholesale Buyers, and Elite Tool.

Misuse of the Money Back Guarantee

The following activity is not eligible for a refund:

  • Claiming that an item was not received when there is clear proof of item delivery to the buyer’s address.
  • Claiming falsely that the received item was not as described on the website.
  • Claiming and returning an item that was not the original item received (Does not apply to Elite).
  • Using or damaging an item maliciously, and then claiming a refund for the item.
  • Normal wear and tear is not eligible for a refund.

Click here:  Refund Claim Form

One Year Warranty

Email the Seller if you are unsure if the tool is covered under warranty.  If the Buyer’s claim is confirmed under warranty, and the Buyer returns the item back to the Seller, the Buyer will then receive another item of equal value to the original item.  However, the shipping cost for returning the item back to the Seller is solely the Buyer’s responsibility.


  • Warranty starts from the day the buyer receives the item.
  • Warranty is covered only for the original buyer with the approved receipt.
  • The warranty covers missing or damaged bubble levels.
  • The warranty covers the missing of the engraved letters and numbers.
  • The warranty covers the deformity of the tool.
  • The warranty covers a crack in the tool.

Does not cover:

  • Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, fading prints, and the accidental or malicious abuse of the tool.  Example:  Burns, chemical spills, etc.
  • Warranty does not cover the Guide and Pencil that comes with the tool.

Click here:  Warranty Claim Form

Third Party Refund and Warranty

If the Buyer purchases one of our products through any third party eCommerce platform, then the Buyer should understand that we do not honor the Refund and Warranty terms of such platforms.  We honor the Refund and Warranty terms of our website only, as presented in this TERMS page.

Warning Rules of the Use of the RODY Precision Corner Tool

+ RODY Precision Corner tool is 99.9% accurately designed , however, not all existing structural designs were cut perfectly such that they will align with the use of the tool.  Don’t force a tool or attachment to do a job for which it was not designed.

+ RODY Precision Corner tool is designed to mount brackets on a 45 or 90 degree corner.  The tool is not designed to measure the length or width of material such as blinds or curtains for cutting.  The tool is not designed for Architects. For other applications, make sure to use the tool for mounting brackets only.

+ RODY Precision Corner ownership is not responsible for misuse of the tool which leads to structural damage.  Buyer is solely responsible for any marking applied to structures.

+ RODY Precision Corner tool is patented.  Buyer agrees not to copy or manufacture the tool, in and outside the USA, in any way that would infringe on the rights of ownership with regards the utility and design of the tool.  Buyer agrees not to re-sell the tool for commercial purposes, without the express permission from ownership.

+ RODY Precision Corner tool levels might come poorly designed, broken, damaged, or defective in such a way as to make their utilization ineffective, or reading false.  Test the levels by repositioning the tool horizontally, or vertically, to ensure the reading is the same.  If the tool sits on the shelf for too long without usage, or even if you make frequent use of the tool, be sure to remove any dirt that might end up in the level’s edges in order to ensure an accurate reading.

+ Use as directed. Beware of sharp edges. Recommend to wear safety glasses. Please keep products out of reach of children. Failure to follow safety messages can result in serious injury.

Pricing and Availability

Please check this website for the latest updates on product pricing, availability, and design.  Product prices and availability are subject to change for any or no reason, and at any time.

Wholesale Purchase

The Wholesale Buyer agrees to accept all the above Terms, including the following addition:  After a confirmed sale, the Buyer has 48 hours to cancel the sale for any or no reason.  However, there is a 20% re-stock fee, therefore, 80% of the money will be refunded back to the Buyer.