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Preferences of the Wholesale Order must be negotiated via Email.  This applies to both the U.S. and International members.  Metric system is available for International members.  Please email us in order to establish your preferences.

Products– Our Wholesale products’ features (size, color, style) are the same as our Retail products, which can be seen here by clicking on Shop.
Quantity– Minimum wholesale order is 150 units.
Price– Minimum wholesale price is $19.99 per unit for the 3×6 inch, and 3×12 inch, Basic Transparent Clear Acrylic tools.  For Metric, the price is $19.99 per unit for the 7×15 cm, and 7×30 cm, Basic Transparent Acrylic tools.  For all others, Contact Us.
Manufacturing & Handling– Time is 30 days.
Shipping– We utilize UPS for U.S. and International shipments.  The shipping price is $300 per 150 units on U.S. shipments, and $300 per 150 units on International shipments.  Shipping delivery time may vary, especially during periods of peak business.
Tax– There is a 7.25% required Sales Tax for U.S. California consumers only.
Currency– We only accept U.S. Dollar currency for transactions.
Terms– You must accept the site Terms before a sale can be confirmed. Read them here by clicking on Terms.
Privacy Policy– We utilize your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Read them here by clicking on Privacy Policy.

Once the negotiated preferences are agreed upon by both Buyer and Seller, please fill out this form and submit your order.

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    Only Paypal payment method is accepted at this time. Other payment methods submitted to ownership can be negotiated via Email.

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