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Chevron wall.?


Someone told me about having a wall in my apartment being done in a chevron design. Would it be a good stylistic option that wouldn't seem like a flashy choice.?

It might be a little flashy, but it would also be very bold and distinctive. I'd go for it. I like designs that jump out at you and demand your attention, so chevron would be a good choice for me. 🙂

When done well they make a great focal point. I've noticed they tend to photograph nicely too, which is a plus if you're into showing off your home on Instagram. Why not go for it?

It's up to you! I think chevron walls look delightful in other people's homes, but I'm not so sure I would want it in my home. I like the walls to be a little more plain, and then let the decorations do the heavy lifting.

I'm with Ashlie on this one. I like plain walls with pictures or curtains to make the room pop. Of course, it's a personal choice. I think it is a bold look but if you like that, go for it.