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Pallet projects

My wife is driving me crazy! One of her friends posted an end table that they made out of pallets and now she wants to explore what we can make.

So if anyone has made anything out of pallets, please share!

My pallet project didn't turn out so well. I tried making a vertical garden with it. I got the idea off Pinterest. I guess it's just too hot and dry here because I could never keep the plants watered enough. They died within about a month.

I had two pallets that I sanded and attached together with some screws. I added a waterproof cushion on top to make an elevated dog bed. The slats on my pallets were too far apart to do much else with it. I needed an elevated dog bed anyway and this one looks much nicer than what I could get off the shelf.

I made a pallet swing for my front porch. It's made with pallets and pillows. It's pretty cool and super comfy. I got the idea off of Pinterest too. There are so many projects there.

We ventured into pallet projects over the last year. We made a couple coffee tables, an outdoor bench and a stand. Our next project is going to be a headboard and bed frame for our bedroom.

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. I think we are going to give the porch swing a try. I would love to lay outside on a nice night. My wife has been bookmarking Pinterest pages!