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Bathroom curtains or tinted glass?


For my bathroom shower I'm thinking of a way to save costs and have thought about a curtain for the cover. But i just don't know it that can be aesthetically pleasing in comparison to a glass tinted shower room.

For the bathroom shower, I think one of the best ways to save money is a hand held shower. For the bathroom a plastic curtain is all that it is needed for to provide the efficiency of keeping the water inside the shower. The outer layer is just for show.

Having the shower curtain it is easy to change the look of the bathroom, with changing towel colours and the shower curtain and maybe mats.

Well if you adore fancy things , then tinted glass can be used. I myself have a tinted glass sliding door in the shower area of my bathroom.

I like the idea of tinted glass in the bathroom, but I'd still go with the curtains. With curtains, you'd have more stylistic choices. The other difference to consider is privacy, knowing that when you are in the shower you are visible through the glass could be an issue for you if you tend to be self-conscious.

I don't like the sliding glass doors. I feel it is hard to keep them clean, the glass and the tract. I would go with a decorative shower curtain. You can always change it often, so it changes up the look of the bathroom.

If I could do away with our sliding shower glass door, I would! I hate trying to keep it clean. The water marks on the glass and the dust and soap in the tract - ugh! I would 100% go with a shower curtain!

I think the idea of a stained glass for the shower sounds beautiful! I've never seen one before. I have seen the milky glass or plain clear glass. I'm not a fan of either of those. I like shower curtains because you can change them up to switch things up.

Glass looks better and the plastic curtains get that calcium buildup over time that fades the original color. You can also take a small squeegee to the inside of the glass after each shower do you don't get all those dried spots from the water on it.

I vote for the shower curtain too. I'm not much of a glass fan when it comes to water. It's hard to keep it looking clean. There is always water spots plus the tract gets dirty. Using a curtain let's you liven up the room too.

Well I really like the idea of both. Will the tinted glass show water spots as much as clear glass would? I really do like to switch out my shower curtain too. That is a tough call.