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Colored front doors

I don't know about you but I love the houses with doors that are colored. I haven't picked a favorite color but I do like rustic red or green. Do you have a colored door? I'm thinking about switching mine.

I love this too! I think those colored front storm doors really add character to a house. I even like black doors. I think it's  a great idea to switch it out.

My parents recently purchased a brick red door with matching accent glass. It looks fabulous and so classy! I love doors that are colored. They add so much character to a house! I like darker colors for doors myself.

Ooooh, I really love this idea! 😮 I've traditionally leaned towards a door with a neutral color, like white, gray or brown. But, I'm falling in love with the idea of something more colorful and adventurous. I would love a blue door!

Blue doors are great! I want one with a diagonal window in the middle of the door. I have not 100% decided on blue, red (rustic) or green. I have ruled out yellow and other boring colors.

Call me boring, but I'm not a fan of colored front doors. My style is more subdued and a front door that catches the eye isn't really subdued!  😆 The most adventurous I'd go is brown. White shows dirt too easily.