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Do you like antique furniture?

My mom has a set of antique chairs that she absolutely adores. I worry that they won't hold up well due to their age. Do you like antique furniture? Why or why not?

I like antique furniture simply because it's usually made out of better materials than what we see today. The wood is typically solid and the fabric is usually made from natural materials like cotton, leather, and wool.

I guess it just depends on the piece. Some antique furniture looks timeless and classy while others look dated. I'm all about modern couches and loveseats with microfiber upholstery though. It's just so easy to clean!

What style of chairs did your mother snag, Nika?

I love some antique pieces. I love the old roll-top desks, hutches, claw foot tubs and old kitchen tables. I am always on the lookout for those pieces of furniture.

I do agree that older pieces were definitely made better, better quality wood and most times handmade.

With my username, it's probably easy to guess that I adore vintage furniture. Sometimes revamping a vintage find destroys its value, so anyone looking to resale should check that out first. It's easy to modify old furniture that has good bones.
New varnish, modern hardware, and fresh upholstery are all simple updates.