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Jacuzzi tub and hard water

We are designing our master bathroom and I want a jacuzzi tub and a large two-person stand alone shower. We don't have a water softener and our water is a little hard. Do you think the water will ruin the jets? What are our options?

I'm pretty sure that hard water will eventually clog the jets. There is a treatment that you can add to your water to help with the hardness. Why don't you get a water softener? It will be great for you skin and hair too.

I talked to the salesman at the hot tub place and he said that hard water would create a buildup in the jets. We are going to put in a water softener before we put the new tub in. I don't want to waste all that money on a tub just to ruin it.

We have one in the upstairs bathroom, due to the huge amount of water it takes,

as costs for utilities I am trying to keep at a minimum, but I do maintain or try to

ensure that there is no breakdown, to cut costs.

How Do Hot Tub Jets Work?

You know they push water into the tub and provide a nice massage when you sit up against them. What you may not know is how.

The jets depend on the movement of water to produce that bubbly effect we love so much. Understanding how hot tub jets work is knowing the basics of hot tub plumbing.

  1. Water exits the hot tub via the suction line; the suction is created by the hot water pump.
  2. The water flows through the pump into the filter where debris and contaminants are removed.
  3. The filtered water moves into the heater where it passes over the heating element and is heated.
  4. The water enters the return line.
  5. The water moves through the return line to the hot tub jet’s entrance, where the magic happens.
  6. The inner portion of the jet narrows, and then widens again at the exit, which is the part visible in the hot tub shell; picture a sideways hourglass.
  7. Physics happens.
  8. Water and air are both expelled from the jet and into the hot tub.
  9. The process starts over.

That step where the physics happens? That’s called the Venturi effect, The hourglass shape of the inner pipe causes the water’s speed to increase as it flows through the narrow middle portion. At the same time, the pressure inside the pipe decreases.

The air around the jet has a higher pressure than the water as it exits the jet. This causes that air to be forced into and mix with the stream of water, so you end up with a bubbly stream coming out of the jet and into the hot tub for your enjoyment.


I was going to suggest just that, putting in a water softener. If you have hard water, it's ruining your water pipes too (buildup) - you just don't see it.

We have a jacuzzi tub and it's amazing! So worth the money of the water softener and the tub.

A water softener is a great investment, even if you weren't going to get a jacuzzi! My family had hard water for a long time and it tasted strange. After we put in a water softener, the taste went away! Softer water is also better for your pipes, skin and hair.