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Milk Paint

Has anyone ever used milk paint on a project? I've seen a few beautiful looking projects that used milk paint. I'm hesitant to use it though, because I'm worried that it'll chip easier than another type of paint. What are your experiences using milk paint?

I have completed several pieces that were picked up second hand and donated and did some research before I used the paint.

Make sure you do the prep that helps in the full process for a fantastic finished product.

Super chippy pieces will need a coat of Tough Coat (a water-based sealer) to prevent future chipping. Do not use Hemp Oil on these finishes as the Hemp Oil may cause it to continue chipping.

If the piece chipped some, all of the loose paint has been removed and the rest is adhering well, Furniture Wax, Antiquing Wax, White Wax, or Zinc Wax will provide a wonderful finish.  The piece will not continue to chip unless exposed to intense sunlight or extreme heat.

Wow! Thank you so much for all the tips! I feel so much better about working with milk paint now. I'll definitely put extra time into the prep, now that I know how important it is.  🙂

I haven't used milk paint myself, but I like the look of it from the tutorials I've watched. Milk paint is on my list of things to try! How did your project turn out?

Milk paint sounds interesting. I'm curious on how your project turned out too. I might just have to add this to my list of new things to try. I love new adventures! Of course I'll need to watch some tutorials first.