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Removing Some Windows

If it were practical for you, would you remove your east and west facing windows? Having no direct sunlight to deal with, I would think, would reduce your heating, cooling and maintenance costs.

No, I love windows. I think they add character to a room. Plus every window adds a light source, whether it is direct light or indirect. The only reason I might remove a window would be because it was rotten or broken.

I wouldn't remove any windows either, unless I had too many windows in one room. There are curtains and blinds that will help with heating and cooling your home. I also think that windows and curtains dress a room up.

I dont have a need to remove any of mine. If anything, my pantry could use one. A small one just for natural light, so it wouldn't be too big of a project.

I would not remove windows either. I like windows, they give a room a more open feel. I would like to add windows to a few of my rooms. Why would you like to remove them? Are you redoing the room?