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The closet too?

We have been redoing our house, room by room. My husband thought I was crazy when I wanted to paint and tile the closet like the rest of the spare room. Why wouldn't you want it the same, it's the closet in that room.

Absolutely I would do the closet too! It's an extension of the room. You wouldn't want to open the door and have it be different than the room. I would at least paint it and have the floor match.

I wonder why he thinks you shouldn't do the closet. It's all part of the room. I would definitely redo it at the same time. You want the same color scheme throughout the room.

It would be so jarring to open a closet door and have it be different from the rest of the room! You made the right choice by tiling it. The only reason I can think of for not doing it at the same time would be cost. But redoing a closet can't add that much more to a project!

I can see not doing it exact if the room was expensive (like tongue and groove) but I would continue the floor and paint it a color to match. Men sometimes just don't get it! I just redid a bedroom and I finished by painting the closet door.