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Tract lighting

I saw the cutest tract lighting for the kitchen the other days at Lowe's. My question is, it didn't look like it would put off a lot of light, do they? You could angle the lights so that is a plus. Would you just add a higher watt bulb?

We have tract lights in our kitchen and in our laundry room. I think they give off enough light. They were already in the house when we bought it so we didn't put them up.

I do not find them a good fit if they are used to light a whole room. I personally use them to light the area where I do my cutting in the kitchen. They are more for spotlighting.

I would agree with Archieboy. Tract lighting is great for over a counter in the kitchen. You could also use it in the bathroom over the vanity. I don't think that tract lights really give off much light either. They are certainly nice to look at and really add character to a room.