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Website Suggestion



I like your product. I think is very useful and that it has potential. But what I kinda suggest is for you to improve your website design in order for me to have enough confidence to purchase the product. I will strongly suggest in finding a website designer professional or developer in order to help you out. I guarantee that with a better design you will reach success and sell your product to more people.

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William K

I personally think the site is good enough. It gives me enough information, showcases the product, and really gets the job done. It may be a dated looking site, but if it work, it works.

No sense into putting money into a better website design if it's really not needed. That's how I feel anyway. But, maybe as they go along, they will gradually update the site. I have seen a lot worse though, and some of the sites do just fine.

The site is totally functional as it is, so isnt a problem. Of course they can change thins in the future for aesthetic reasons or to include future technologies.

Really? It looks professionally done to me and no different from other small business websites. Okay, I just checked and the designer is listed at the bottom. It was created by a San Diego design company. As for safety, this website is using the favorable HTTPS protocol, which encrypts the data to keep intruders from passively stealing your information. I'm not sure what more could be done to prove legitimacy.

I completely agree with you as a developer I can see site needs improvements  specially on front page and you need to make modern look specially you have good product offering. Forum is perfectly attached to discuss about products and I would ask you to open for Guests too so the can ask questions without register.

I can agree that the site looks outdated, but it's good enough for a single product and small support forum. One thing I'd certainly change is making the "Contact Us!" at the top-right of the page clickable so it takes you to an actual contact page. This is better than hitting the social buttons.

Hello James, TonyFL,

Thank you both for your positive feedback. Yes, I do agree that we need to update the website to a modern look and a better contact page. We'll work on it.



It's great that you recognize the need for update. Look and feel of your website makes first impression. A better design would set the positive frame of mind for prospective customers. It will increase your conversion rate.

Look at it as an investment and not an expense.


I want to start of by saying how much I enjoy this product! It has helped me with projects. The service is very profesional and I enjoy the fast shipping.

I have not used Wordpress before. It was a different format from what I usually see for products. I like how there is information on the product and links to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. It looks like there was a lot of hard work put into the website. Which I like, since most websites do not put as much effort. The page at first glance I would be skeptical to buy since I am not used to Wordpress. But, once I spend more time on the website and check forums of other buyers I would be inclined to buy. For me reviews and pictures of the product are required before I make a purchase. The forums and engagement between customers show me this is a safe website and customers are enjoying the product. This shows me how this website is trustworthy!

Signing up was not difficult, but I forgot my password and noticed I was not getting the email sent to my email to reset it. It was sent to my junk mail. I don’t know if it was only me, but I just wanted to notify you if anyone has the same problem.

Only negative thing about this website is that it does look outdated. But, the engagement between customers helps it greatly. I also enjoyed reading the “about us”. It was very well written.

I have dealt with WordPress in the past. This website looks great, but it doesn't hurt to give it some more features.

I think what @lucianowilcox meant was that, you should incorporate some new features that come with WordPress. For example:

  1. You can install the Product Review plug in to increase your conversion. That means, unique pages that entice the visitors to buy the product.
  2. More social media linkages. The share buttons should be conspicuous. I would like to easily share this great page with my engineering friends on Facebook.

Otherwise the site is great. Thanks for adding the forum. With this, you get more feedback from clients and potential buyers on every aspect, not necessarily limited to RodyPC.

And Congrats! This is genius!